Transaction Advisory

In a rapidly changing market with a complex and developing, operating environment such as ours, Buttercup Capital takes on clients’ projects and transactions using a holistic approach and provides an end-to-end solution by firstly, understanding the customers’ needs, putting the operating environment into perspectives, conducting due diligence on transaction & transaction parties, mitigating identified and unidentified risks to levels appreciable to stakeholders, and then providing context-sensitive solutions that are able to create value for all stakeholders to capture.

Project Finance

Buttercup Capital provides services to clients by assisting to structure projects to attain investment grade or financeability, thereby attracting requisite funding instruments such as equity, quasi-equity or debt. The Company is strategically positioned to source funding from local and international financial institutions required to develop and implement large-scale, long-term, revenue generating infrastructure assets, such as power plants, ports, logistics, commercial and residential real estate projects, telecoms, oil and/or gas pipeline systems and so on.